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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022
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2021 is gearing to be a better year for anime lovers with a lot of upcoming anime movies 2021 promised to explode. Let's check for new anime movies 2021.

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On the internet today you will find thousands of different websites where you can watch or stream and download free movies and tv series for free. But it is very rare to see a website where you can easily watch or stream anime online for free. But, if you have heard of the KissAnime website, but haven’t visited it or made use of it, then I think you need to do so. On the website you get to watch and download some of the best video’s quality in HD 480p, 720p, 1080p, then 4k Blu-ray.

Is KissAnime illegal?

The Kiss Anime website is an online, free platform that illegally offers users access to streaming or downloading animation movies and tv series. And it is said that website that offers users free access to downloading or streaming any entertainment video files is breaking the copyright law. And it an act of piracy. It was said that the website has a similar site that offers related streaming and downloading features.

KissAnime was known to be one of the most popular and the world’s biggest streaming and downloading anime (Movies or Tv series) website. The kissanuimenz website did offers amazing and interesting animation movies and tv series for its users to stream online and download offline.

You can download full seasonal, complete season of different anime movies and it tv series episodes on kissanimefree. Just like one of the most searched, streamed and download anime tv series named paradise kiss, Itazura na kiss.

Users could get access to the KissAnime website in different ways, either using a mobile device or Pc computer. You can make use of your web browser to visit the Kiss Anime platform with both devices using a web browser. When you visit the kissanimefree website, you don’t have to create an account or register for any monthly subscription fee.

Is KissAnime Safe

It not advisable as a new user who visit the KissAnime website for the first time to watch movies or tv series online or download them offline. On the Website, you will find or see ads pop up, which most of them might end up download virus to your devices. If you still end up planning to download or stream anime on the Kiss website, you shouldn’t click on any Ads that pops up on the website. Doing this will assure your safety when making use of the KissAnime site.

Is KissAnime Down?

Well, the Kiss Anime website is no longer life meaning you will find other clone sites on the internet which offers same features as it does. On the internet, you will find different website baring same name but different URL as the KissAnimefree website.

I can suggest one other popular anime website, an alternative to the KissAnime website, the GogoAnime. It also offers same features as downloading and streaming animated movies and tv series.

Category on Kiss Anime

The free animation website, has one of the best genres /categories. On it you can easily get access and find different aminated movies and tv series. This genres is what makes, the website stand out among other anime websites on the internet. Below are the categories of amines movies and tv series, you will find on the platform;

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Cars
  • Cartoon Movies
  • Comedy
  • Dementia
  • Demons
  • Drama
  • Dubbed
  • Ecchi
  • Fantasy
  • Game
  • Harem
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Josei
  • Kids
  • Magic
  • Martial Arts
  • Mecha
  • Military
  • Movie
  • Music
  • Mystery
  • ONA
  • OVA
  • Parody
  • Police
  • Psychological
  • Romance
  • Samurai
  • School
  • Sci-Fi
  • Seinen
  • Shoujo

Aside from the up listed some categorize of KissAnime.com are, Super power, Space, Supernatural, Thriller, Sports, Kissanime.ru and lot more.

How to Search for Anime

To search for all your favorite animation movies and tv series, on the Kissanime.to is quite easy and simple. When you visit the official website of the KissAnime. you will then be redirected to the homepage. There you will find the search box, input the name of the anime on the search box and then click on search. However, you can also search for your desired anime, through A-Z feature, genres and also the search by status (Ongoing and completed).

How to Stream and Download on Kiss Anime

To stream and download ongoing, latest, hot and interesting animation movies is easy and simple. All you need is a stable network connection to enjoy the process better. However, downloading and streaming animated movies and series on the platform is not advisable. If you still plan on downloading or streaming from the kiss amine website. Check the outline below, on how to go about it.

To Stream Anime Online

Here are the steps to stream all your animation movies and series on the website;

  • Locate your preferred web browser
  • Visit the official website www.Kissanime.ru
  • Using the search box, search for your desire anime movie.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Alphabetically feature or the Genres
  • Click on your desired anime when found

After clicking on your desired anime, it will start playing. However, you might encounter a lot of pop up commercial and might also be redirected to different page, just be patient to stream on the platform.

Where To Download Anime Movies Reddit

To Download Anime

The website has you know, has an extensive collection of animation movies, which you will find really interesting. Below are the steps to download from the platform;

  • Go to the official website of the KissAnime
  • Using the search bar, search for your desired anime you wish to download
  • Then click on the search icon to search for the anime
  • The website will then look for what you want to download

Click on it when you see it and you will be taken to another page where you get to click on the download button. Click on the download button and wait a jiffy for the anime to starts and finish the download instantly. Without stressing yourself, these are the easy steps on how to download anime on the KissAnime website apparently.

Do you want to know about the anime download sites 2021? Yes, it is absolutely possible to not only watch anime online for free but to also download your favorite anime shows for free too. In fact, the quality is amazing and you also get to choose from a really large database too.

But now the question arises that where to download anime from? For this you can rely on this article containing various reliable sites through which you can download your favorite anime shows, movies, episodes and some of them even offer Manga database too. You can check out more information right below.

Top 10 Free Anime Download Sites In 2021

NameWebsite Review
9Animehttp://9anime.to/Read Review
KissAnimehttp://kissanime.ru/Read Review
Anime Landhttp://animeland.tv/Read Review
Soul Animehttps://www10.soul-anime.us/Read Review
Masteranimehttps://www.masterani.me/Read Review
Anime Toshohttps://animetosho.org/Read Review
Anime Outhttps://www.animeout.xyz/Read Review
ChauThanhhttps://chauthanh.info/Read Review
Anime Cruzershttp://animecruzers.io/Read Review
Anime Seasonhttp://www.animeseason.com/Read Review
Zoro: Watch Anime Onlinehttps://zoro.to/Read Review

While you are looking for the best place to download anime from, I have prepared this list which contains 10 reliable sites. These are the most popular destination to download anime from and you can also find subbed and dubbed content from here as well. And apart from all, these websites are totally free to use too.

1. 9Anime


Become a member of 9Anime to get access to one of the largest anime download sites. It has a huge database of anime shows and when you sign up on the site, you can also request the ones you want them to upload on their server.

The site has tons of filters to let the user find their desired anime show quickly. Genres like comedy, action, drama, romance are the most explored ones.

While you can also find the anime episodes on the basis of year, type, language, quality etc. too. As the site is totally free to use, you might face some ads in-between. But the good thing is that you can use 9Anime for both watching anime online as well as to download them too.

Apart from the anime being available in native language, you always have the option to watch dubbed and subbed content too. You can also disable the subtitles while watching online. Because of daily basis updates, you are likely to find all the episodes of your favorite anime shows here quickly.

2. KissAnime


Apart from being an excellent option to watch anime online, KissAnime also turn out to be one of the best sites to download anime too. Over the time they have upgraded the interface and functionality of the website to quite some extent and hence now you can use it on your mobile too.

KissAnime is a leading website taking care of a huge database of not only anime but also of Manga, Drama and even novels too.

I am sure you are going to find it quite versatile than other anime download sites and reliable too. All the anime uploaded here have subtitles and you can also find some dubbed options too. You can find both ongoing anime series as well as completed ones here very well.

In order to discover everything about the anime shows available on this site you need to go to the section of Anime List. Now, you can apply various filters like genre, chronological listing, popularity, time etc. to find your desired episodes.

3. Anime Land

Website: http://animeland.tv/

If you are a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball or Naruto Shippuden then you should definitely check out this addition in the list of anime download sites. Anime Land is a website which is all about the popular anime series and you can find all the episodes here in great quality too.

You literally have thousands of options in form of anime shows, movies, episodes etc. to choose from. However, I wish they people could have improved the interface a bit.

The site lacks filter system which makes it a bit clumsy for the users to find their favorite shows. However, you can rely on the search bar for that. There is no policy for registration and you can access everything for absolutely free.

The site allows you to download anime as well as watch it online. Anime Land features a separate list for the dubbed anime in English featuring more than 45,000 options which is great for people who do not prefer to watch anime in native language.

4. Soul Anime

Website: https://www10.soul-anime.us/

There is no doubt in the fact that Soul Anime is quite a popular and accomplished platform when it comes to download anime free. But you are going to be required VPN service as the site is blocked in some of the regions.

Apart from that you won’t face any issues while browsing it. The site does not even require you to sign up on their platform and of course you can also watch anime here along with downloading it.

All the anime uploaded are subbed and for further confirmation you are going to see a subbed mark on them. However, the site has lesser content of dubbed anime which is kind of disappointing. The files uploaded here are available to watch and download in 720p and 1080p quality and both are high-quality formats.

Soul Anime lacks filter options and proper classification too. You can find anime only chronologically here. But there is no doubt in the fact that you can find all your favorite shows and movies here like One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach etc.

5. Masteranime


I have mentioned Masteranime in the earlier section for watching anime online too. But it also makes perfect addition to this list of anime download sites as well. Stylized as Masterni.me this site is more popular for its active discussion group on its platform.

In order to become a part of it, you just need to sign up on their site which is absolutely free. Apart from downloading anime, now you can also discuss your queries and plot twists too.

What I liked the most about this site is its Anime Schedule section. Here you can get to know about the timing of the anime episodes of being uploaded. So, you won’t have to check out the site again and again to see the updates. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with the new uploads.

Talking about the anime database then you have the option to classify then on the basis of genres, score, type and status. Masteranime works well for both completed as well as ongoing anime series.

6. Anime Tosho


You can definitely find free anime downloads option on Anime Tosho. But as it is more sort of an anime torrent site, I would recommend you to prefer VPN service for it. As you know the interface of torrent sites are a bit clumsy, the same applies to Anime Tosho too.

However, you can definitely discover all types of anime episodes, shows, series, movies and everything else here easily.

This service is absolutely free and you can also sign up here to report queries or blocked links. This site works on automated basis and mirrors most torrents related to anime. It derives its content from various other sources and this is why it has such a rich database.

However, what I noticed is that Anime Tosho is a bit slow when it comes to updating its content as compared to other anime download sites. This can be because of the automated process but eventually you will surely find the desired episode uploaded here.

7. Anime Out


Anime Out is amongst those anime download sites which provides the content of encoded anime series, movies etc. on its platform and that too for free. You can also get yourself registered on this platform for free in order to request for anime or provide recommendations.

They have thousands of encoded anime database available on their website and I am sure the simple interface will make it easier for you to search for them.

They have running slideshows belonging to different categories like featured anime, latest releases etc. which makes it easier for the users to find the required file. There are various tags too like action, adventure, 720p, comedy etc. which you can find listed on the bottom side of the homepage.

There is even a chat box supported on the website which is such a unique feature. Anime Out maintains great quality of the videos along with subbed files which is just perfect for any anime fan. In case, if you find any dead or broken links on the site, then you can report them and they will be removed from the site.

8. ChauThanh


I am sure you would not have heard of ChauThanh before because this is a Polish website but good enough to be included in the list of free anime websites. The site hosts more than 4000 anime series on their server and I am sure you will never get tired of watching them.

You can sign up on the website for free and become a part of their community to discuss everything about anime from new releases to characters.

Like the earlier option in this list, ChauThanh also features a chat box option on their platform which is great to connect with other people on the site. They have various sections like ongoing anime, latest anime, drama, hot download etc. which is great for the users for an easy navigation.

The site contains both the database of anime series as well as drama on their server and you can download both of them. If you are a member in here then you can also request for your favorite anime show too.

9. Anime Cruzers


The next addition into the list of anime download sites is Anime Cruzers. This is an excellent and quite a clean platform to watch anime as well as to download it. Apart from anime, the site also hosts a great collection of Manga here.

You need not to sign up here and without even becoming a member, it is so simple to request your favorite episodes on this site.

Best Anime Torrent Sites Reddit

They also follow a schedule for the uploading which is provided on the home page of the website. However, in order to watch anime or to download it, the site is going to redirect you to some other servers from where you can download it.

But you will need an ID and Password for the downloading which is given on the website only and the password changes every week. You can rely on Anime Cruzers to download both subbed and dubbed kind of anime shows.

10. Anime Season


If you wish to download anime episodes then no other site can help you out like Anime Season. This site is popular for hosting all types of anime series on their platform season by season and hence it is much simpler to download every single episodes here.

All the series are divided into various categories like most recent series, highest rated, random anime or even anime genres too.

The functioning remains quite similar to the rest of the anime download sites and Anime Season allows you to watch as well as download your favorite anime episodes. Their listing is done very well and everything is highlighted really well with episode number and the series they belong to.

This is why many anime lovers prefer this site over others to watch and download anime. The interface is quite simple but there are ads in between. But good thing is that all the episodes listed here are in HD quality.

11. Zoro: Watch Anime Online

Where To Download Anime Series


Where To Download Anime Movies Reddit

A website that lets you watch anime movies and TV series online without registration and downloading for free. If your primary concern is downloading anime movies/tv series then move to next. If you want to watch online, then you are going to love this.

Internet Archive

In fact, it has very vast collection of movies and TV series in its database. It also lists most popular and top airing anime at top which you can explore with one click. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of filters and a search bar to find out the anime movie or TV series according to your interest.

Download Anime Free Reddit


If none of these anime download sites are working for you for one reason or another then you always have the option to browse Anime torrent sites. It is absolutely free to download from such sites but you need to use VPN service in order to maintain privacy regarding your identity.

Apart from it, I will recommend you people to use some kind of downloader service in form of browser extension. These service makes it simpler for the user to download their desired media file. In fact, they automatically fetch the files for you which saves you from clicking on false links.