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  1. Total Video Converter or Video Converter or Video Cutter is the best converter application from one form to other different forms.New Feature. Total Video Converter app in video and audio information display. Total Video Converter app in Scan entire devices for video files for conversion.
  2. Download Total Video Converter Free for Windows - Did you realize that if you download total video converter, you will have such a powerful.

Use this program to easily convert your videos to the format your system requires

Download Freemake Video Converter for free and convert over 500 data formats to MP4, and edit videos with built-in tools. 100% free and safe. Sep 14, 2020 Total video converter free download - Total Video Converter can convert most video and audio files. Using the application you can also create slideshows and add music or narration to the presentation, as well as use various special effects. Converts most video and audio files in.

Use this program to easily convert your videos to the format your system requires

Program license: Trial version

Version: 3.71

Also available for Mac, Android

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Windows 8


Total Video Converter is a powerful program that simplifies conversion of videos, music and more.

Total Video Converter by EffectMatrix is a powerful program that can convert media files from one format to another. This program was originally developed with the intent of making video and audio conversion simple for casual user, and this is where Total Video Converter continues to excel. Users need no experience with this kind of work to perform relatively complex conversions with just a few clicks. This is a great boon for users who want to, for instance, convert their music library to a format supported by their iPods. Better yet, unlike many programs in this niche, Total Video Converter is still in active development and has been fully updated to support the latest versions of Windows 10.

Perhaps one of the biggest knocks against Total Video Converter is its user interface. It can best be described as garish, and despite all of the updates that this program has received, the UI still seems like its straight out of the Windows ME generation. Is this a deal-breaker? Probably not. It does not lend itself to being more productive, but once your eyes adjust to assault of colors and bad design decisions, all the functions are readily accessible. You will rarely have to search for a particular action, and you will eventually get used to the various components, tools, dialog boxes, settings windows and so forth.

On the plus side, Total Video Converter supports an impressive list of video and audio formats. Video formats supported include Apple QuickTime, DIVX, GIF, Matroska, MPEG4, OGM, Real Video and many more. Game-specific video formats supported include Electronic Arts Multimedia, Id Cinematics and PlayStation STR. Audio formats supported include AC3, CD Audio, MPEG, OGG, Real Audio, WAV and WMA. Note that not all formats supported have a converter. In order words, Total Video Converter can convert from some media formats but not convert to them. Nevertheless, you will have no problem supporting iPhones, Xbox consoles, Blu-ray players, PC component media players and so forth.

Total Video Converter can read from CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, SVCDs, VCDs and more. It can also burn media to all of those discs if you have the appropriate physical hardware installed. It is also important to note that the program is not limited to reading, converting and burning single files. It fully supports both multiplexing and demultiplexing. In plainer language, it lets you extract various aspects of media from different sources, and you can combine those various elements into a standalone work. So, if you are interested in editing your own videos, this is something that you can definitely do with this program.

Total Video Converter even has its own built-in video editor. When this editor was first implemented, it received a great deal of criticism for being too basic to the point of being unusable. Since then, the video editor has been updated, and the latest patch updated it once again. It is still a simple video editor compared to the professional video editors on the market, but you can cut and merge videos accurately to frame. There are also tools to ensure that music, for instance, is inserted in the appropriate spots.

The biggest knock against Total Video Converter is its speed. This is simply one of the slowest converters we have reviewed, and that is true when comparing it against free options not just the professional suites. This is not particularly noticeable when converting small music files, but when you convert videos and other large files, it takes a long time to finish. Another issue is that the UI still has its fair share of bugs, and you can encounter issues that disrupt your current task and force you to restart conversion.

Total Video Converter is not quite a free program. When you download and install it, it will activate a trial version of the Pro version. At the end of the trial period, the program will prompt you to purchase a license. There is a personal license and a commercial license. Neither are particularly expensive—at the time of this writing—relative to other licenses in the genre. This is a lifetime license that guarantees all future updates, and you get a 30-day full refund guarantee. If you choose not to upgrade, you get converted to the Lite license, which restricts usage of many of the more advanced features.

In conclusion, the Lite version of this software is free and an excellent option for users who wants to convert files for use on their phones, portable music devices or gaming consoles. The Pro version is not expensive, but we are not sure many users will find that the features and performance warrant the price.


  • Simplified media conversion
  • Supports video and music files
  • Multiplex and demultiplex
  • Integrated video editor
Total Video Converter And Cutter Free DownloadSoftware


  • Slow
  • Free version limited

Total Video Converter Windows 7

Total Video Converter transforms the complex process of converting media into another format without the use of technical jargon or complicated steps.

Since the introduction of digital media, how we interact and enjoy our favorite forms of entertainment has never been the same. However, if you’ve ever had to convert media file formats then you understand how this process quickly devolves our happy thoughts toward digital media.

Converting media formats is a notorious complicated, and frustrating, experience. Whether you’re trying to convert DVD formats or your favorite music album, the process typically requires hours of trial-and-error. Thankfully, Total Video Converter came into the scene. Within matter of a few clicks, it’s possible to convert a variety of media formats without the frustration, and time commitment, of traditional methods.

The Power of Conversion - Features

Total Video Converter And Cutter Free Download

Total Video Converter is just that. Within a standalone program, it’s capable of totally converting almost every type of media format. Its advanced programming is compatible with most forms of video, audio and image files. So what does this mean for you? A more thorough, streamlined way to prepare media files for playback on different devices.

Perhaps its most popular feature is its mobile conversion package. Convert all major media formats into the preferred mobile format. Now you can download your favorite movie, TV show or music album to your smartphone without having to purchase additional media formats.

Although the use of DVDs is slowly on the decline, if you’re clinging onto this media format, then you’ll love Total Video Converter’s MPEG video conversion. Perfect streamline large media files to the standardized format favored by DVD/VCD/SVCD. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to this program. Within the same interface, burn the newly created file directly to your DVD/VCD/SVCD.

Through its primary interface, combine multiple audio and video files into a single file format, which is referred to as Multiplex within the program. Want to extract specific files from the aggregated file? No problem! Simply click the Demultiplex option to extract individual files.

Along with its powerful converting capabilities, Total Video Converter can record your desktop activity. This is an awesome feature if you create step-by-step guides for personal or professional reasons.

Unlike similar media file converters, Total Video Converter also acts as a basic video editor. While its editing capabilities aren’t as powerful as pro video editor programs, it’s more than capable for simple editing tasks. Of course, once you’re done editing the video, you can convert it to your desired file format or burn it to a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Ultimately, Total Video Converter is ideal for those looking for consumer-level converting capabilities. While not the most powerful converter on the market, its solid features, stable architecture and simplistic interface makes it a popular choice for basic-level tasks.


  • Massive library of acceptable media file formats
  • All-in-one interface for burning, recording and editing files
  • Extended features and tools

Best Free Video Converter For Windows 7


Total Video Converter free. download full Version

  • Converting large media files can take a long time
  • Editing platform may not be suitable for more advanced tasks