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The Quality Management Plan sets out how quality will be managed on the project. It includes the objectives, standards, roles, responsibilities and control procedures. It forms part of the Project Management
  • Microsoft has a long history of providing on-premises and desktop-based project management software. With the advent of Office 365, Microsoft progressively moved more and more of the project capabilit.
  • Tracking meeting minutes, including action items after the meetings, can be difficult with tools like Word and Outlook. Using OneNote, you can solve this problem.
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In the PMBOK sixth edition the Quality Management Plan is created in the process 8.1 Plan Quality Management.

Review construction organizational chart example. Get list of types of construction jobs, and construction job title hierarchy.

Onenote project management template download freeThis is a FREE Quality Management Plan Template in Word and PDF. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Word and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.
See what is in the Template! Check out the Contents complete with Hints and Tips on how to use.
Check out the contents below or Grab the template now!

The contents of the Quality Management Plan Template

Field Description and guidance completion

Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:Onenote Project Management Template Download
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Document information: ID, owner, issue date, last saved date, file name or path
  • Document history: version, issue date, changes.
  • Document approvals: role, name, signature, date

Quality Standards

Document any industry or product quality standards that apply to your project. For example, International Organization Standardization (ISO), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Quality Objectives

Note down the quality targets for the overall project. Be as specific as you can be and include how you will measure if the metric has been met. You can use a separate Quality Metrics table to enter the detailed metrics for each deliverable.
Note down the roles and responsibilities that are needed to manage quality on the project.

Deliverables and processes subject to Quality Review

List the project deliverables and processes that will be quality reviewed. For example,
Describe when and how quality will be checked. For example,
Include any additional information, e.g., copies of forms, process diagrams or policy documents here. Include a link to the Quality Metrics if applicable.

Quality Management Plan Template

Word download - Quality Management Plan Template (Word .doc)

Word download - Quality Management Plan Template (Word .docx)

OpenDocument download - Quality Management Plan Template (.odt)

PDF download - Quality Management Plan Template (PDF)

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The OneNote Template for Project Collaboration is a project management tool. It is designed to allow your project team to collaborate simply and effectively. You’ll love:

  • Having all of your project documents accessible in one place
  • Ability to quickly search project information, meeting minutes, and notes in one place
  • Template is fully customisable
  • Simple, modern, and professional workplace-friendly design
  • Easy and intuitive to used
  • Perfect for collaboration with a small or large team
  • Sync between all of your OneNote compatible devices

OneNote Templates and solutions all ready-made saving you time and money - KanBan, GTD, Project Management, Estate Planner and loads more from OneNote is a powerful tool for project management, organization and general business use, but security is always a consideration when data is flowing back and forth online. It is easy to see why some may question the security of OneNote, but Microsoft has built the platform from the ground up, with security measures in mind, particularly when.

This template is perfect for project managers, small business owners and professionals.


To purchase the OneNote Planner Template for Professionals click here.


The template includes the following sections:

  • Welcome
  • Key Contacts
  • Key Project Links
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Task List
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Notes
  • Lessons Learnt


The welcome page template includes key information for new project members and guidance on how team members should use the OneNote template.

Key Contacts

The Key Contacts page includes a register to store project contact information in one place.

Key Project Links

The Key Project Links page includes a register to store links to project documents in one place.

Project Schedule


The Project Schedule tab includes two schedule templates to keep your project team on track.

Project Task List

The Project Task List tab includes four task list templates.

Meeting Minutes & Notes


The Meeting Minutes tab includes comprehensive template. This tab can be used to keep your project meeting minutes stored and easily searchable in one place.

The notes tab includes a simple template. This tab can be used to keep project file notes stored and easily searchable in one place.

Lessons Learnt

The Lessons Learnt tab includes a register to keep track of lessons learnt on the project.


The OneNote Project Collaboration Template is easy to install:

  1. Purchase the template here.
  2. If you don’t have a Microsoft account already sign up here.
  3. Download the template .zip file.
  4. The download is compressed, un-zip the file, so you have a regular folder.
  5. In your web browser, visit OneNote Notebook Importer (Note: google chrome is recommended. Safari is not recommended)
  6. Login with your Microsoft account and click ‘Import’.
  7. Select the folder extracted in Step 4 (not the .zip file).
  8. When the upload is completed visit OneDrive and login with your Microsoft account.
  9. Click ‘Documents’.
  10. Select the template.

You’ve installed the OneNote Project Template and can share it with your team mates!

You can start editing the notebook straight away online. I recommend you click ‘open in app’ to open the notebook in OneNote for Desktop.


I really recommend using the template in the desktop version of OneNote. The desktop version runs faster and is generally nicer to use than the online interface:

Microsoft Onenote Project Management Notebook

  1. You can download the software for free here.
  2. Visit OneDrive and login with your Microsoft account.
  3. Click ‘Documents’.
  4. Select the ‘2021 Modern Template Shop Weekly Career Planner’.
  5. Click ‘Open in App’.

The planner will now open in OneNote Desktop.


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