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If you’ve been living on this planet earth and you haven’t come across the word “O2Tv” or “O2Tv movies“, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock.

O2TvSeries - The only site to free download your all favorite english tv series and season in compatible mobile format (HD Mp4, Mp4 and 3gp), have fun downloading.

So, What is O2Tv Movies?

Just like every other website out there, O2Tv movies is a movie series streaming and download website. It lets you search for, stream and download your favorite movie series and episodes for free, just as it is with the likes of fztvseries.

When on the website, you can search for and sort your favorite movie series and episodes by “recently added, alphabetically (A-Z), or by genre“.

  • When you find the movie, click on it. It will lead you to a page asking you to choose the format you would prefer. The next page will be download links. Choose any one of the links, and it will direct you to a download page. O2tv Series App. For flexibility, it is also great to download the app. You can get the app by going to Google.
  • Aug 01, 2019 If you want to download the latest O2Tv Series movies, you will first visit the website. The web address is www.o2tvseries.co.za. Copy and paste the web address on your browser to visit the site.

One thing about this website which makes me prefer it to all other movie streaming websites like the one i mentioned above, is the fact that, though it still has its own share of referral and pop ads, but it isn’t littered all over the place like what you’d get on say a site like fztvseries.

These ads can be annoying most times, especially the ones that refers you to new pages, as they can even make one to give up the hassle of trying to download their favorite movie series and episodes.

Searching for and downloading movies from the website works like breeze and shouldn’t take you up to 5mins, if you have a fast and reliable internet connection, and if you follow the steps which will be listed below properly.

So how do we download our favorite movies series and tv shows from the O2tv movies website?


Just follow the steps which will be listed below, and in no time, you should be watching your favorite movie episodes on your mobile device or PC, all for free.

How to search for and download movie series and episodes on O2Tv movies.

Now here’s the thing, in order for one to download their favorite movie series and episodes from the O2Tv movies website without constantly stumbling into ads, we need to find a way to disable those annoying ads.


So we’re gonna be needing an ad blocker tool, and here’s how you can go about that.

How to download ad blocker tool for both Chrome for PC and Android smartphones.

  • If you’re using Google’s Chrome browser on your PC, you’ll need to download the “uBlocker” ads blocker extension for chrome, and you can do so by following the link below on your chrome browser.
  • Download uBlocker ads blocker tool for chrome, and that’s all.
  • For those using android smartphones, I’m sorry but you’ll have to download an entire new browser, the Adblock Browser.
  • You can do so by following this link, and it will redirect you to the app’s page on Google’s Playstore.
  • When you’ve downloaded it, you don’t need to tinker with any of its settings, just go ahead and enter any website’s URL in the address bar, and enjoy an ad-free browsing session.

Okay, now that’s it for blocking annoying pop-up and referral ads, now how do we search for and download the actual movie series and episodes from O2Tv movies website?

Simple.. Just follow the steps below.

How to search for and download movie series and episodes on O2Tv movies.

  • First of all, you have to find your way to the website by following this link.
  • When in there, like i said earlier, you can search for your favorite movie series and episodes in variety of ways. Either by making use of the already-provided search box, or sort them out using the again, already-provided A-Z options, or by genres.
  • When you find the movie you’re looking for, click on it, and a new page will be opened where you’ll be required to select a season of the movie serie you want to download.
  • When you’ve selected a season, a new page will again open, where you’ll be required to select an Episode from the season.
  • Now from the page, select your most prefered episode, and a new page will open, where you’ll be asked to select the format of which you will like the movie serie to be downloaded in. Take note that the better the quality you select, the larger the overall size of the downloadable file.
  • So select the quality which you want, and a new page will be opened, where you’ll be asked to prove that you’re not a robot, by performing a simple task.
  • After that, press the button that says “Continue download“, and the movie should start downloading to your device.

Alright guys, at this juncture, i guess this all you need to know about the O2Tv movies website and how to download your favorite movie series and episodes from it.

Don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up by sharing it if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, i’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace out.


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TVSHOWS4MOBILE is a website that caters to all types of TV Shows with loads of genres for your entertainment. This website has Twenty-Six (26) genres ( To list a few: Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Game-Show, History, Horror, Music, Mystery, Reality-TV, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sport, Thriller and so many more) just for the audience to choose from.

TVSHOWS4MOBILE is your go-to! The website does not only give you a wide range to choose from but it also gives a very friendly user interface. The website allows very easy surf through to locate and identify interest and also allow you to properly maximize your time on the website because of how well organized it is.

Let us take a moment to make mention of the video quality. It’s not enough to just download your choice TV Show and watch it in very poor quality (I am certain you agree with me and wonder who actually enjoys that). You don’t have to be concerned over that, TVSHOWS4MOBILE affords you the opportunity to watch videos in high and quality formats depending on your Internet Data speed and availability. This website does not only give you a ton of shows to choose from or good video quality, they have gone a step further to bring you all of these features for free. Yes! For free, no subscriptions and no paying before downloading, it’s just you, your laptop and internet provider. Let’s dive in for more juicy information.


The content of this post does not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals, groups, organizations, business or other bodies who may wish to download or make use of the information provided on the said website (www.tvshows4mobile.com).

In other words, we clearly want to mention that we shall not be held responsible for how the information obtained from this post by the audience is utilized. This review is made as a result of requests from the audience on how to download from TVSHOWS4MOBILE. Furthermore, this post is just a review of the said website and the content of this post is put together for educational and informative purposes only.

Hopefully, we have made our intentions clear enough and can conveniently say we are ready to get back to the purpose of this post.

Browsing The TvShows4Mobile Website

On launching the website at www.tvshows4mobile.com (here link to the site), you are greeted with the site logo which has a rather appealing look compared to the others we have come across with complimenting colors.

Having a good look at the website, you will be amazed at how put together it all seems, organized from start to finish. Who doesn’t appreciate a job well done if seen, we do! That is why we are giving credit to TVSHOWS4MOBILE for this.

How To Search For Your Choice TV Series On TVShows4Mobile

Just underneath the logo is the search bar and button that allows you type in a string of characters or the entire TV Show title (if you are fully aware of the name) When conducting a search on the website.

  • In conducting this search, type on the search bar (which produces a drop-down menu to show all the possible item linked to your search e.g. season number and some episode number) then click on the search button
  • When the search button is clicked, the number of all possible results is shown and two options to either sort by relevance on by date are given to aid you.

Recently Added Section

Scrolling further down the TSVHOW4MOBILE website, you are greeted with a new section tagged “recently added”.

In this section, the most recent TV series added or updated on the website is displayed (That can be easily figured out from the name). This is for the benefit of regular users of the website. If you ask my opinion.

KilljoysSeason 04 – Episode 03 – [04/08]

With the example above, we can easily decipher that this section goes ahead to be very informative. It makes mention of the TV Show title first, followed by the Season Number, then the Episode number with the date of the release at the end.

You should be aware that these TV Shows mentioned here don’t send you to a page where it can be downloaded. In other words, these mentions are not links so don’t go clicking them expecting for another page to load, it will not budge. As said earlier, it is just there to inform you of newly added content to the website.

List Of TV Series Section

After the recently added section of this website, you will realize another amazing segment of the website, in fact, this section right here is the real deal. In this section, the TV Series have been compiled in an alphabetically organized list.


This list is broken down into 9 segments with 3 alphabetical or numerical character in each segment. These alphabets or numbers highlight the first character of the TV Series Title for very easy identification. For instance,

A – B – C TV Series like Agents of Shield, Breaking Bad, Claws etc

D – E – F TV Series like Dragonball Z, Empire, Family Guy etc
G – H – I TV Series like Ghosted, Humans, Insecure etc
Y – Z – # TV Series like Younger, Z Nation etc


Where # is represented with TV Series with numbers from 0 – 9 for the title. An example is 13 reasons why. It goes on and on in that format until it gets to the last row

How To Download Movies and TV Shows/Series From TVSHOWS4MOBILE Website

Downloading from this very website is as easy as 1 2 3, just stick to the procedure below and you will have your TV Show in less than no time.

  1. If by any chance you have a fair idea of the TV Show choice, go ahead to identify the show with the title by selecting the category with the first character. For instance to download EMPIRE, click on the D – E – F Column OR type out the title on the search box to locate the TV Show.
  2. You have come this far, you can’t stop here now. Your selection loads another page that gives a brief description of the TV Series, casts, genres, run time, number of seasons and other minor details about your choice.
  3. Choose the Season number and Episode number you are interested in. You may be required to undergo a security check by reCAPTCHA before you are allowed to start the download.
  4. Now scroll down to the “Download File” section. You are then given options to choose from. Pick any of the following: 3gp, mp4 or High mp4 (HD quality) to initiate the download process

There! That wasn’t difficult now, was it? Just wait for your show to be fully downloaded and ready for watching.

Video Extension, Formats & Quality Available On TVShows4Mobile

Https o2tv movies download free

There are basically three (3) video extension, formats or quality available on the TVSHOWS4MOBILE website; 3GP, MP4 or HD MP4 (High Definition quality).

  • 3GP is of poor quality and mostly for pretty old mobile phones this video format cannot be compared to the others and we do not recommend it.
  • MP4 on this video site has both the low quality and HD (High Definition). HD most likely would be at 720p resolution which produces better viewing quality. We recommend downloading the HD resolution for the best quality here. But you should note that this quality would come with the highest data consumption rate. You should expect that for the best quality of movie quality on TVSHOWS4MOBILE

Www.thecorrectblogger.com › 2020 › 06O2Tv Movies - Download & Stream Latest Tv Series From A-Z For ...

Still encountering challenges after doing everything during download? Take a few minutes to check the “Problem with Download” Section of the website. Also, feel free to leave a comment if you are experiencing any more challenges with regards to this post and would want us to personally aid you. Do not forget to like and share if the information on this post has been useful to you, that’s how we know we bring beneficial updates your way!

O2tv Movies Series Download Prison Break

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