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Posted : admin On 1/22/2022

Customize and send a freelancer invoice template for free. Great for freelancing writers, graphic designers, proofreaders, and more. No setup or monthly fees. Medical invoices are essential documents for health-care service providers used to bill their clients or patients. The sample medical invoices available on this page are in word and PDF format that. A reusable template designed for doctors’ offices and physicians for informing their patients of all charge (s), the cost of each, and the total amount they need to pay. Download: PDF, WORD, EXCEL. Gives stay-home, private, freelance, CNAs, RAs, LPNs, and other types of nurses a way of collecting payment from those they treat.

What is an invoice and what is it used for?

A business invoice is a request for payment from a business to its customer. The invoice provides customers with the information necessary to pay the issuer and includes a list of goods and services received from the issuing organization.


Typically, a simple invoice will include the following:

  • Issuer’s contact information, including the business name, address
  • Invoice number and account number for easy reference
  • Line items detailing the goods and services received
  • A subtotal (before sales tax) and a final amount owed by the customer
  • Terms of payment, including due date and late fees
  • Acceptable payment methods (credit card, PayPal, etc.)
Medical Invoice Template Free Download

The purpose of an invoice is to consolidate all of this essential information into a single, summarized document so that customers can easily review the work or goods received and remit payment.

Invoices also help businesses keep track of what they’ve paid for and what they still owe, making them essential from a bookkeeping perspective.

Creating a professional invoice

Invoicing has come a long way in the last few years. While it’s possible to build your own invoices in Microsoft Word and Excel (or in the G-Suite), it’s typically faster to use invoicing software to create professional invoices.

For small businesses, freelancers, and organizations with a limited finance department, using specialized software as an invoice generator is faster and easier to handle. This is especially true when designing a custom invoice.

On top of that, many invoicing software options generate online invoices and downloadable PDFs so that it’s easy for customers to view the documentation and download a copy for themselves.

While it’s possible to do this in Google Docs or Google Sheets, specialized software typically goes a step further by helping you capture customer account information and by issuing payment reminders to customers with an outstanding balance.

Free invoice templates for your business

If you’re looking for free invoice templates, PandaDoc can help. Our template library contains plenty of sample invoices to help you grow your business.

All of the templates in our gallery are available as PDF downloads. PandaDoc users can import our templates into the PandaDoc document editor for total customization.

Frequently asked questions

Which invoice do I need?

The type of invoice you need depends on your business model and how you plan to get paid. Many businesses issue invoices after goods or services have been exchanged. In that case, a simple or commercial invoice will do.


If your business model dictates that you need to be paid upfront, a proforma invoice with an initial fee agreement may be sufficient. Typically, however, proforma invoices are used to estimate costs and don’t request full payment before the deliverables have been received.

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Is an invoice a contract?

No. An invoice is a single-sided document issued from your business to your customer. While it may be used as proof that your customer was notified of an outstanding payment for delivered work, it’s not a legally binding contract by itself.

How will someone pay my invoice?


Depending on the payment methods you can accept, your customers could pay with:

  • Cash
  • Check (cheque)
  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • ACH

Typically, an invoice dictates which forms of payment your business can accept. Online payments are common, but you’ll need a payment gateway to do that.

With PandaDoc, your customers can pay your invoice directly through your preselected payment gateway. Because this is connected directly to your document, you don’t have to waste time guiding customers to a payment portal. They can review the invoice and pay it all from one place.

Do invoices need to be signed?

No. By themselves, invoices are not legal documents. A signature would have no lasting effect on the integrity of the invoice. Because invoices are typically issued after the goods or services have been delivered, signing an invoice wouldn’t serve the same purpose as a contract.


For best results, create a proposal or contract and negotiate terms with your customers before you begin working.

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How do I create an invoice template?

While it’s possible to use Google Docs or Google Sheets or any Microsoft product to create your invoice template, PandaDoc can resolve painful invoice problems and help you start creating professional invoices in minutes.

Our onboard CRM helps you capture customer information, and our templates help you jumpstart your invoice creation process. Once you’ve created your first invoice, you can save that in your own template library for reuse.

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And don’t forget: We offer thousands of integration options so that we can connect to your existing CRM or accounting workflow.