Download Chrome Group Policy Template

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022

Here’s a quick tutorial that you can reference when wanting to apply new Group Policy Templates.

What are Group Policy Templates?

In this article we’ll get acquainted with the Chrome Group Policy administrative templates (admx), provided by Google, that allow you to centrally manage browser settings in an Active Directory domain. Chrome`s ADMX GPO templates greatly simplifies the deployment and configuring of this browser in a corporate network. Group Policy tools use Administrative template files to populate policy settings in the user interface. This allows administrators to manage registry-based policy settings. This download includes the Administrative templates released for Windows 10 (1607) and Windows Server 2016, in the following languages.

Not everything you can do in Group Policy inherently exists. New apps and new policies come out all the time. Since not every business needs a bloated version of Group Policy with a ton of rules and settings, you can customize what you want by adding or removing group policy related settings. Software engineers will develop a Group Policy Template for their software. You can then add this template into your Group Policy settings of your domain controller in order to manage these settings from the top down.

Where to get Group Policy Templates

Nowadays, group policy templates come in the form of .admx files. Microsoft has those file packaged for most of their software, such as MS Office. Other companies, like Citrix, will have their templates available for download. You can google around for the Microsoft templates, but it’s best to open a support ticket or check the website of the software vendor to find the third party templates.


How to install Templates

Download Chrome Group Policy Template Online

  1. Download the templates to your domain controller and extract them if they need to be extracted
  2. You’ll have two sets of files, one will be the .admx files and the other will be the .adml files
    1. .admx files are the templates
    2. .adml files are the language files
  3. You need to know your “central store” for the templates. On most server versions, this can be found at the path below. Drag and drop or copy and paste your downloaded .admx files into this directory:
    1. %systemroot%sysvoldomainpoliciesPolicyDefinitions
  4. The .adml files will then go into the language folder that’s within the PolicyDefintions folder. For example, EN-US will be located inside the PolicyDefinitions folder. The .adml files will need to be placed in there. The directory is below:
    1. %systemroot%sysvoldomainpoliciesPolicyDefinitionsEN-US
  5. If you moved the .admx files and the .adml files in the right location, you’re done! Close and open GP Management and you’ll see them automatically. They will then replicated to all other domain controllers without having to do anything.

Examples and Screenshots

Here’s an example of what the GPO Template look like when downloaded from Microsoft. Notice the language folder for the EN-US.

And here’s an example of how they show up in GP Management once they are put in the right folders.

That should be all you need. Cheers!

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Download Chrome Group Policy Templates

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Google Chrome Group Policy Template Download

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