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Amazon has come a long way from being just an online platform for selling books. They have become one of the biggest competitors to Netflix with their Amazon Prime service, which is a native app for watching movies and TV shows on Kindle Fire Tablets. However, these tablets do support other online video streaming websites, including Netflix, so it’s possible to enjoy content from both sites on the same Fire tablet.

If you take the 4K video with cameras or drone, Amazon Kindle Fire can't support 4K video, you can compress 4K video to HD video in this software without much quality loss. In addition, Amazon Kindle Fire only can support MP3, non-DRM AAC (.m4a), MIDI, PCM/WAVE, OGG, WAV audio codec, if you can't listen to the music bue to the audio codec, you. Aug 14, 2021 There are plenty of options within Fire OS that allow you to download your favorite movies to your tablet for watching in offline mode. Whether you want to save a movie purchased through Amazon.

  • Dec 08, 2014 I use a Kindle Fire HD 8 and a PC laptop. I have the same buffering issues trying to watch YouTube videos on the PC. Currently, my Fire is broken (the charger port broke and fell out so no way to charge the Kindle) and I am going to order a Fire 10 to replace the Fire 8.
  • And with 32 GB of storage (expandable to 1 TB with a microSD card), you can download plenty of videos, books, and games. Amazon's Choicefor kindle fire.
  • Mar 31, 2021 Next, select a film or show that you want to download and open the video details. Note that not all Amazon Prime movies or TV shows are available for download, and you can only download content if.

But can you download and watch Netflix movies offline on Amazon’s tablet? Stick around and find out.

Setting Up Netflix on Amazon Kindle Fire

Even though Amazon Kindle Fire comes with its own video streaming app, you can link your Netflix account to the tablet and expand your choice when it comes to movies and TV shows. The setup is simple, and it takes only a few minutes to complete, but once you’re done, you can watch Netflix movies just like you would on any other device. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Select “Apps” from the Home Screen on your Amazon Kindle Fire.
  2. Select “Store,” which is found in the upper-right corner.
  3. Type “Netflix” in the “Search Appstore” field and tap the search icon.
  4. Download and Install Netflix.
  5. Open the Netflix app and sign in with your existing account.

As you can see, the process is the same as it is for any other device. Now let’s get to the important part, can you download Netflix movies to your Amazon Kindle Fire and watch them without an internet connection?

Watching Netflix Movies Offline on Amazon Kindle Fire

Netflix allows you to download movies and TV shows to a wide range of different devices, and Amazon Kindle Fire is one of them. The downloaded videos don’t affect your streaming limit in any way. You should know that not all content is available for download, but most of it is. You can see which movies you can download by tapping the menu button within the Netflix app. If you see “Available for Download” when you expand the menu, you can download the movie.

It’s important to note that you can download Netflix content only to Amazon Kindle Fire 4.0 and newer.

Benefits of Watching Netflix Movies Offline

Apart from the fact that downloaded movies don’t affect your streaming limit subscription on Netflix, there are some other obvious benefits. Firstly, you won’t have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network, and you won’t burn through your cellular data pack at all. That can save you a lot of money if you like to watch Netflix all the time.

Second, this means you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere at any time, including places with no internet coverage. The Netflix app also allows you to choose the quality of the videos you download, which is a nice feature. You can select the Standard quality if your tablet is low on space, and High quality if you want to enjoy the best offline video quality. You can check the quality and size of each video by going to “My Downloads.”

Think About Getting More Storage Space

Since Amazon Kindle Fire comes with Amazon Prime by default, you will probably use both apps to catch up on your favorite TV shows and movies. But if you like binge-watching TV shows offline, or if you want to watch a string of movies on your way to work and back, you should think about expanding the memory of your device.

Amazon Kindle Fire either has 32 or 64 GB of space. Video games and other apps will probably take up half of that space, so you’re going to have to think twice before you download anything from Netflix or Amazon Prime. Having to delete something you wanted to watch later can be very frustrating. However, you can get a microSD card and expand your storage space, so you have enough room for everything.

Enjoy Your Favorite Movies on the Go

Now that you know how to link up your Netflix account to your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, you’re ready to download all of your favorite movies and TV shows and watch them later, far away from any kind of internet connection. You can surprise your friends and family members with a good film on your camping or fishing trips.

Which service do you prefer, Amazon Prime or Netflix? Have you tried watching Netflix movies on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet? Tell us in the comment section below.

How To Download Amazon Movies To Kindle Fire

Amazon Fire Tablets restrict you to the Amazon Appstore, but runs on Fire OS, a custom version of Android. That means, that you can install the Play Store and gain access to millions of Android apps and games, including Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and more.

The best part of installing the Play Store on your Fire Tablet is that it doesn’t require any in-depth “hacking” like rooting or running scripts from a PC. It’s just a matter of downloading and installing a few APK files from the tablet itself, and you’ll be up and running with the Play Store just like your regular Android phone or tablet! Let’s get started.

Warning: Remove the microSD card if you have one inserted in the tablet. If you don’t do this, it’s possible you could lose data during the Play Store install process. You can put it back once we’re done.

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Download the Play Store Files

Before we begin, make sure your Fire Tablet is from 2014 or later. This process may not work with old Kindle Fire tablets as you need to enable “Apps From Unknown Sources.”

First, open the “Settings” app from the “Home” tab on the home screen.

Now go to “Security & Privacy.”

Select “Apps From Unknown Sources.”

Find “Silk Browser” and then toggle on “Allow From This Source.” This is what will allow us to install an app from outside of the Amazon app store.


With that out of the way, we can start downloading the Play Store files. There are four APK files we will need to get the Play Store up and running, and they’re specific to your Fire Tablet.

To find out which Amazon Fire Tablet model you have, go to Settings > Device Options > About Fire Tablet. You’ll see your “Device Model” name here. To see your Fire OS version, go to Settings > Device Options > System Updates.

With the device model in mind, we can download the appropriate files below. Simply copy and paste the links from the tables below into the Silk Browser on your Amazon Fire tablet. We’re just downloading the files at this point, don’t open them yet.

Google Account Manager

Note: Ignore the message about a newer version being available.
Fire HD 10 (9th Gen, 11th Gen)Google Account Manager v7.1.2
Fire 7 (9th Gen)
Fire HD 8 (8th, 10th Gen)
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older)Google Account Manager v5.1
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Services Framework

Fire HD 10 (9th Gen, 11th Gen)Google Services Framework v9-4832352
Fire HD 8 (10th Gen)
Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 7
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 7
Fire 7 (9th Gen) on Fire OS 6Google Services Framework v7.1.2
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen) on Fire OS 6
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older)Google Services Framework v5.1
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Play Services

Note: On the page for your model, select the most recent version of the APK that is not a “beta.”
Fire HD 10 (9th Gen, 11th Gen)Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 9.0+)
Fire HD 8 (10th Gen)
Fire 7 (9th Gen)Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+)
Fire HD 8 (8th Gen)Google Play Services (64-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 6.0+)
Fire HD 10 (7th Gen and older)Google Play Services (32-bit ARM, nodpi, Android 5.0+)
Fire HD 8 (7th Gen and older)
Fire 7 (7th Gen and older)
Fire HD 6
Fire HDX 8.9

Google Play Store

Download Amazon Movies To Kindle Fire
Note: On the page for your model, select the most recent version of the APK that is not a “beta.”

Install the Play Store

With all the downloaded APK files to your Amazon Fire Tablet, we can begin installing them one by one. Open the “Files” app from the home screen.

Select “Downloads” from the side menu and switch to the list view for the files. You should see the four files we just downloaded.


It’s important to install these APKs in a specific order. For each APK, follow this process: Tap the file > select “Continue” > tap the “Install” button. After it installs, tap “Done.” Don’t open the Play Store yet.


Install the files in this order (the file names on your device will be longer):


With all the APKs installed, it’s time to reboot the tablet. Hold down the power button and select “Restart.”

After the tablet restarts, you’ll see the Play Store on the home screen. Open it and sign in with your Google account.

How To Download Amazon Prime Movies Onto Kindle Fire

Once you’re signed in, you’ll have a functional Google Play Store, just like on any other Android device. Go forth and download YouTube, Gmail, and any other app you can’t find in the Amazon Appstore.

You may experience some problems when trying to use the Play Store right away. The Play Store and Google Play Services will automatically update themselves in the background, so just give it some time. This may take as much as ten minutes.


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How To Download Movies Onto Amazon Kindle Fire

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