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Posted : admin On 1/25/2022

Free Angular Templates by WrapPixel. Download best free angular themes and templates for your angular based web applications. Angular Material Starter Template. Angular Material Application Template is a free template built with Angular 8 and Angular Material 8. You can use it out of the box without having to change any file paths. Everything you need to start development on an Angular 8 project is here.

Google-powered Angular framework has set a benchmark of giving the best user experience and amazing features to its users. Developers across the globe are always fond of using Angular templates not just because it is built with an open-source framework but it has strong community support. This community support is always enthusiast and adventurous to bring something exclusive on the table and that what differentiates Angular framework from others. Very often developers have the budget, know the requirement but become clueless in choosing the best Angular admin panel templates which is a Typescript-based framework. So, what could be the possible solution? Well, we have researched in-depth some of the finest Angular dashboard templates just for developers and people seeking to implement custom designs to their web apps. This will enhance their overall look & feel of the web apps along with exploring the hidden features of Angular admin themes. This curated list that covers 2020’s highly anticipated angular prebuilt themes will ease the development process and help developers to sustain their budget in this Covid-19 moment. The reason being unprecedented times can never be predicted or have envisioned favourable results. So, angular dashboard themes can play a massive role in getting you going with your commercial or personal projects while others figure out to begin the process with.

WrapPixel’s MaterialPro Angular 10 Admin is an Angular-10 CLI WebApp template that takes Google’s material design principles and creates a magically intuitive ready to use user interface for your website and applications.

Monster Angular Admin Lite is carefully handcrafted sober admin template of 2020. Its awesome and clean design with great colours will amaze your eyes in no time. Monster Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for your personal projects.

Material Dash Angular adheres to Google’s material design principles and features a sober color palette. With multiple layouts and tons of UI elements, Material Dash is best for your next project.

ThemeForest - Finsa v1.0 - Consultancy & Business Angular Template - 28791481 DEMO Finsa- is a Modern Angular Template which is perfectly suitable for Consulting, Finance, Business, Corpo. Forever free, open source, and easy to use. Start Angular is a library of free to download AngularJS themes and templates. Our themes are open source for any use, even commercial.

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Do you want to build your web apps and websites in a quick and hassle-free manner, using efficient customization options and powerful UI elements? Nice Admin Angular 10 is the complete package that you’re looking for. It incorporates a host of indispensable features and functionalities together with ease of integration for different types of angular web development projects.

Looking for a powerful and easily customizable angular admin template to build your website or app? WrapPixel’s Elite Angular 10 Lite is a competent, powerful, and carefully handcrafted Angular Admin Template with a clean and minimalist design aesthetic. The template has been used by thousands of developers across the globe and is one of the most sought-after free Angular templates online.

Paper Dashboard Angular is a Bootstrap Admin Template which combines soft colours with beautiful typography and spacious cards and graphics. It was built on top of Google’s Angular Framework and the HTML version of Paper Dashboard. It is a powerful dashboard but it is light and easy to be used. It has enough features to allow you to get the job done, but it is not crowded to the point where you can’t find the files for a specific component.

Xtreme Angular 10 Admin is one of the most successful Angular templates created by WrapPixel. This stunning Angular 10 admin template combines minimalist design and powerful functionality and is all you need to build a strong foundation for your admin dashboards and control admin panels. Think of any project and the Xtreme Angular Admin template is surely going to be a match for it. Another amazing quality of this template is its modern and modular handcrafted design.

Nice Admin Angular Lite is carefully handcrafted Angular 10 admin template of 2020. Its awesome and clean design with great colors & modular design will amaze your eyes in no time. Nice Angular Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for your personal projects.

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Angular Material Dashboard is a free admin template built with AngularJS framework based on Angular Material design. With AngularJS it is ease to built responsive, fast-loading and seamlessly-navigating applications. You can use Angular Material Dashboard to build any web applications like SASS, project management tools, CMS, data visualizations apps, etc.

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AdminPro Angular Dashboard is a powerful Angular 10 / CLI Web App based angular admin template. AdminPro Angular Template can be used for admin dashboards and control admin panels. AdminPro Angular Template is fully responsive Angular 10 / CLI template that is basically based on the strong angular framework empowering it to cater to the needs of the users with complete flexibility. Angular is a TypeScript framework whose library offers features that allow you to implement complex requirements of modern apps which enables it to be of extreme usefulness to its users.