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Posted : admin On 1/21/2022
All in poker movie download online
Thoroughly enjoyed this perspective of the game from a diverse group of die-hard poker players who romanticize, idealize, rationalize, promote, defend and battle for the chance to sit, bluff and win.
Oh, and that politician shown, senator Fritz, who banned online poker via dumping an unread and unknown bill at the bottom of maritime port legislation at midnight when the senate was empty? Fritz, the Republican Christian who swore he was all about 'family values' and who claimed he banned online poker to 'save the children'? He was a multimillionaire later busted for massive profits from insider trading related to his own healthcare company, was revealed to be cheating on his wife in an affair he could no longer hide AND was found to have been campaigned financed by...wait for it...VEGAS CASINOS. His online poker ban had nothing to do with saving children and everything to do with sneaking in legislation the casinos had bought and paid for by shoveling cash and comps into his pocket.
So, is poker about skill or luck of the draw? After watching All In, success seems to depend on being able to bluff the appearance of power. During Moneymaker's big WSOP win, you can actually see and feel the fear in his opponent, him thinking there's no way he can beat Moneymaker regardless of his own hand. So he folds and Moneymaker wins it all. Very exciting to watch, and infectious to hear other players still rhapsodize about that moment years later.
I don't play poker, but All In explains exactly why so many people DO live for this game.

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