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Adobe Shockwave Player About: Removed old Visual C runtimes and rebuilt installer, this is the msi version of the installer so it contains both Shockwave vevsions 12 & 10 and NO CRAPWARE Downl. Free download page for Project Angosso's ShockwaveInstallerSlim.exe.Develop: domain secure, and performing secure Domain Name System (DNS) dynamic updates. Domain Name System Security Extensions Servlet API Package The javax.servlet.http package contains a numbe.

Category: MDT Scripting Uncategorized Tags: Adobe, MDT, SCCM, Scripting Post navigation ← Capture Wizard Screen Issues with MDT 2012 Update 1 Force Windows XP to Sort the Taskbar Program Menu via a Registry Import →. I have also submitted a request to distribute the corporate Adobe Shockwave Player version I got a reply with a download link for a Full.exe, Small.exe and an MSI, but the MSI is Version 11.0 and not 11.5.595 as expected. We need version 11.5.x to distribute in our enviroment. Any ideas thank you. Download Adobe Shockwave Player - Play 3D games, view product demos, online learning applications and more.

Download Adobe Shockwave Player Adobe. File size: 20.6 MB. Downloads: 1,308,571. User rating: 2622 votes. Rate this 5 (Best) 4 3 2 1 (Worst) Adobe will stop supporting Flash Player after December 31, 2020, and will actively.

Adobe Shockwave Msi Download Windows 10

Yes, this has been like this for a while. Here's what we do at to create a setup that lets you install both Firefox and Opera before or after Shockwave and still have it working. Some of this is in the knowledgebase but this will get you from start to finish
- Register at Adobe and download the 'corporate' setup in two variants, the 'msi' and the 'slim' setups. You will be needing the slim setup to support Firefox and Opera.
- Use Orca or another tool to create a transform and
Fix the setPROFILE CA in the CustomAction table (which really must be a bug):
setPROFILE 35 PROFILE [AppDataFolder]MacromediaShockwave Player

Change these HKLM registry settings to prevent autoupdate and sats collection (phone home):
SOFTWAREMacromediaShockwave 10CollectStats n
SOFTWAREMacromediaShockwave 10AutoUpdate n
SOFTWAREMacromediaShockwave 10uicontrolAlwaysRegister n
SOFTWAREMacromediaShockwave 10uicontrolCollectStatistics n
SOFTWAREMacromediaShockwave 10CollectStatistics n

This msi+mst combo will work with both AD GPO and SMS and give you Shockwave in IE.
- The slim setup is a zipped executable, unpack the files NP32DSW.DLL and SHOCKWAVEPLUGIN.CLASS from it.
- Now, for Firefox and Opera, we author a new msi based on these two files:
In your msi editor, create a new component called Firefox or something with the base dir at [SystemFolder]MacromedShockwave 10. Add the two files to this component. This is the same dir where the Adobe-provided msi has put its files and for some reason we'll probably never know chose to ignore Firefox. Shame! on them.
Add these registry settings to your component to enable Firefox to see the plugin at browser startup:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[[email protected]/ShockwavePlayer10]
'Description'='Adobe Shockwave Player 10'
'Path'='c:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedShockwave 10NP32DSW.DLL'
'ProductName'='Adobe Shockwave Player'
'Vendor'='Adobe Systems Inc.'
[[email protected]/ShockwavePlayer10MimeTypes]
[[email protected]/ShockwavePlayer10MimeTypesapplication/x-director]
'Description'='Shockwave Movie'
[[email protected]/ShockwavePlayer10Suffixes]

These are documented well here
Opera doesn't have this way of knowing where to find the plugins from the registry so we have to cheat a little. Create a new component which puts the same two files hardcoded to [ProgramFiles]/Opera/program/plugins. For purists that will probably taste bad as there will be an Opera dir in ProgramFiles even if you don't have Opera installed, but hey, why bother complicating things when this solution is the simplest and easiest =)
- Install the vendor msi first, then install your custom msi with the extra files. Provided you have done this right you don't have to bother with dependencies or installing browser first then plugins.
Good luck!

Shockwave_installer_slim Exe Free Download Windows 10

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This TechNote contains installers for current versions of the free Adobe Shockwave Player version Shockwave 10.1. These installers are for personal use only. They may not be redistributed. Adobe does not provide support for previous versions of the Shockwave players/installer.

For installers of previous versions of the free Adobe Shockwave Player see Stand-alone installers for Shockwave Player: previous versions only (TechNote 18629).

Adobe Shockwave Msi DownloadAdobe

Adobe Shockwave Msi Download Free

In order to redistribute Shockwave Player installers on your intranet or fixed media, you must first fill out the Shockwave Player distribution agreement.

All installers have been moved to the Shockwave player downloads alternates page. Please navigate to that page to obtain full stand-alone Shockwave installers.


To uninstall the Shockwave Player, simply use the file UNWISE.EXE located in C:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedShockwave 10. Users can also use the Add/Remove programs located in the Windows control panel. The Macintosh installer contains both the installer and the uninstaller.

If you are having problems installing Shockwave Player, uninstall using the uninstaller. Once the player is uninstalled, re-install the player using the appropriate stand-alone installer. This will solve most installation issues. If you continue to have problems with the player, see the Shockwave Player Support FAQ.