12 Rounds 3 Lockdown Movie Download

Posted : admin On 1/26/2022
A pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose.
cosmo_tiger12 December 2015
'He's dirty and I got the evidence.' After returning to the force after a gunshot wound, officer Shaw (Ambrose) thinks he's in for a easy day back. When he discovers his former partner is involved in illegal activity he wants to do something about it. After the building is locked down It is up to him to stop them and keep the evidence safe. There really isn't too much to say about this one. The first two movies in this series were actually not too bad. A cop forced to go through a series of tests in order to save the ones he loves. The only thing this had in common with the others is the title and a wrestler is the main star. This is pretty much a generic action movie that did everything it could to be Assault on Precinct 16 but fell way short. Overall, a pretty cliché action movie that really is worth watching only if you are a huge fan of Dean Ambrose. This one strayed too far from what made the others interesting to watch. I give this a C.
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Decent action sequences, but abysmally weak script
ginocox-206-33696816 December 2015
'12 Rounds 3: Lockdown' deserved a much better script. As a mindless action flick, it's not a bad way to spend ninety minutes. Production values are adequate and there are some decent action sequences. The unarmed combat scenes are much better than the gunfights. The somewhat gratuitous car scenes seem more like product placements than part of the script.
The script makes no sense at all. Why would a police department even have a lockdown mode that prevents fire doors from opening from the inside? Why would the villains think they could hunt down and murder an officer when every corner of the building is monitored by security cameras? The villains operate as if there is no forensic evidence of anything, even the caliber of weapons.
The script tries to give Shaw (Ambrose) a backstory and inner conflict with an incident that resulted in a partner's death and required an extended leave for psychiatric care. Several characters refer to the incident; however, there is never any resolution. We expect to find out that either it wasn't really his fault due to circumstances he didn't understand, as in 'Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol' or to learn that some character fault or error in judgment did result in the death and that he can overcome a similar dilemma only if he has learned from the experience. But it is never developed and his experience doesn't seem to infuse his actions. Shaw also has history with the villain, but neither seems to use any unique understanding of the other to any advantage.
'12 Rounds' and '12 Rounds 2: Reloaded' have been compared to 'Die Hard with a Vengeance,' while '12 Rounds 3: Lockdown' has been compared to the original 'Die Hard.' However, where the first two 12 Rounds films had clever scripts that compared favorably with the second Die Hard, the third pales compared to the original 'Die Hard.'
Long segments without dialogue require actors of the caliber of Bruce Willis ('Die Hard'), Robert Redford ('All is Lost') and Tom Hanks ('Castaway'). Dean Ambrose can be effective when given the material. An early scene at a stoplight is effective without dialogue. Unfortunately, he's not given much to work with.
Shaw frequently ejects his magazine to count the number of bullets remaining, but never adds in one for the bullet in the chamber. The villains are able to get into the armory and equip themselves with assault rifles and bulletproof vests, but Shaw can't manage to pick up one of the weapons dropped during a fight.
There is no character development and no moral. Shaw has inner demons, but seems to ignore them. He is wounded, but ignores the wounds. He has an opportunity to team up with another cop, but doesn't.
The script is a largely predictable mishmash of familiar tropes. The level of gunplay is over the top. There is no way the villains could hope to argue that their use of force was justified by the circumstances or that the top brass would allow them to continue shooting up the department with wild abandon. And yet, the tone is very serious and down to earth, unlike such films as 'Shoot 'Em Up' or 'Smokin' Aces,' which have a comic book sense of reality.
While the film never really engages the viewer, neither does it bore. While the plot seems ridiculous and implausible, if one can disengage ones mental faculties, it offers some entertaining action sequences.
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Good Action, bad scenario
zecurox20 September 2015
There are so many sins in this movie. I will not comment on the action scene because it's good enough. Not the best, but pretty good. The main problem is the scenario/script of the movie is sucks so much.
1) why the main character not send the proof to the internet at the first place? This is 2015, everybody has internet. At least copy it to your desktop so you have a backup.
2) if I were him, I'm at least show the evidence to my friends or at least I'm gonna scream and gathered everyone on my computer to see the evidence together.
3) when the main character manage to get to the roof and get his gun to the main villain, why he not at least shoot his leg or arms??? its stupid!
4) why the main character must use only one gun??? he killed the villain and their guns is falling everywhere... WHY HE DIDN'T TAKE THEIR GUNS??? I'm really confuse...
5) why the main villain hesitate so much to killing him??? he destroyed the flash drive so why he need him alive??? and when he chasing him, he shoot and tell everybody to kill him. But when he got the chance to kill him, he didn't! why??
6) at the end, the main character recorded the voice of the main villain to make a proof. BUT THAT IS NOT A PROOF! He didn't even mention about 'drugs' or anything. He just said about 'THIS IS MY SHOW' and some stupid words.
I can give more question. but I think you get my point. This movie is sucks. I'm not talking about the actor or the action. I'm talking about the script.
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Shoot down
Prismark1010 April 2016
Wrestler Dean Ambrose is cop John Shaw who returns to duty after being shot and his partner getting killed. Shaw needed psychiatric counselling. His first day back on the job ends up being far from rosy.
Shaw finds evidence and saves it in a flash drive that the star officer in the precinct Tyler Burke leads a team of crooked cops. When Burke finds out he evacuates the police station in a bogus fire scare and puts in on lockdown so he and his unit could hunt down Shaw who only has 12 bullets in his gun and seems incapable to find any more. Then again as you watch the film you figure that when brains were handed out he was at the back of the line.
The film is inept. Die Hard on the cheap. Ambrose shows little charisma or action abilities. The plot is garbage. I could never figure why Shaw never made a copy of the drive or save it elsewhere. Also I never figured how Burke would realistically pin all the deaths on Shaw. The forensics would not match. Several times Shaw is saved because of external factors nothing to with any cunning or planning by the main star.
The previous 12 round films were passable and had some decent action. This was just bad.
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Engaging and interesting!
jerandjaz27 December 2015
One never knows what to expect from a WWE film, but they certainly seem to be moving in the right direction, and this effort is no exception. The casting was excellent, and the film is well-written and admirably played out by the stars, with enough action, intrigue and realism to keep you engaged. Roger Cross was very good, as usual, and Dean Ambrose was excellent and extremely likable as the protagonist. (Although I must confess I secretly hoped to see him pull out 'dirty deeds' during a hand-to-hand combat scene :) But as one would hope, the film showcases another side of Ambrose we don't usually see, which speaks to his versatility as an actor. I hope to see him again in future films!
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Action B-movie
franklindf13 September 2015
I am not sure if this movie ever was in theaters, but it seems like the kind of thing that would be straight to DVD, or perhaps cable TV. I wouldn't say there was a complete lack of effort in making this movie, but for the most part it's predictable and not very good. But the movie does try to take itself seriously, and it's almost laughable at times. For instance, I think the actors probably had trouble keeping a straight face when saying some of their lines - the typical action movie tough guy lines from all those bad 80's movies. I did still manage to finish watching the movie; it wasn't awful and if you just want some mindless action, it's doable. I think where it falls short especially though is in terms of the plot. It appeared to me the plot was mostly just there for convenience to string together the action sequences that make up the core of the movie - not a lot of plot development or much change in setting. Some of the action was pretty satisfying, but it mostly looked staged and unrealistic, like sprays of bullets that constantly miss their target. I noticed when watching this, several of the make actors looked like they had raging hangovers, I imagine they were getting hammered in the evenings and not taking their work too seriously. I think the ratings for this movie will drop over time.
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Very average and unbelievable
aussietraveler1 April 2019
One to miss unless you have a curiosity to watch B grade movies with a rubbish plot and a predictable bad ending.
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Another round of formulaic and faulty average action, but oddly enough it does have decent B-movie merit
quincytheodore12 September 2015
The first anomaly comes from the title, it doesn't mean a gauntlet of chores the villain has set up for protagonist anymore. Instead it displays the rounds our hero has, but considering he can loot other weapon and decides not to for integrity of the title feels rather limiting. Fortunately, Jonathan Good (Dean Ambrose) channels his inner John McClaine surprisingly well and Roger Cross as the antagonist has the aura of TV show bad guy.
This is what you'd expect from action flick, the usual dirty cop and the rouge hero trapped in an unfortunate situation. It borrows heavily from Die Hard and perhaps because it's an already proved formula, Lockdown is not entirely bad. Dead Ambrose is not the usual protagonist, he looks genuinely troubled which serendipitously may help his rogue cop character.
There's a few of illogical events are put there for the sake of pushing the plot, and adds that to the occasional odd alternate way of dispatching enemies, it can be awkward. A couple of bad CG makes the movie slightly unintentionally funny at times.
However, it's still a passable action shoot'em up. The change from complex mind games to simple gunslinger and melee action is good decision since the franchise doesn't have the refined production to pull off such cerebral setting.
Lockdown is definitely flawed, yet it brings enough action antics to be a popcorn flick or lazy afternoon watch.
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Not bad for a rainy day
mad_mike121112 September 2015
I will start by saying that I enjoyed this film as I do most action films, I am not too fussy.
However I gave 12 rounds Lockdown only 5 out of 10, I think mostly due to it being a bit of a let down compared to the previous 2 in the series.
I really enjoyed 12 Rounds With John Cena and the same with Randy Orton in the 2nd one. But the 3rd film lacked everything those two had.
The script in this film was pretty awful at times, I don't think it had anything to do with the actors, they just did the best they could.
The story line seemed like a good one going into it, but soon started loosing its rhythm quickly as the movie progressed, with some holes here and there.
The action and intelligence of many parts of what actually went on was actually pretty good, it's just a shame there wasn't enough of it, I guess I was expecting more because of the previous 2.
All in all it's a decent watch for a rainy day, don't expect too much and you wont be disappointed, I still hope for a 4th one though regardless.
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Really nothing special
subxerogravity12 September 2015
I remember going to see the original 12 Rounds, starring John Cena a long long time ago. Could not tell you how this movie connects with the original, except for the fact that they are both made by WWE studios, who tends to cast a new lead with all their sequels like the Marine, that also had John Cena in the league.
I have no idea who Dean Ambrose is and after seeing his lack luster performance, I care not to know. The movie gave him a crap load of one- liners that kept lowering the already low quality of the movie every time he spits one out .
The movie had a philosophy about a good cop only needing 12 rounds in his gun to get the job done, which was delivered like crap with Ambrose in the lead.
I did enjoy the guy who played the villain. He had potential of being a memorable action movie villain but this movie is too forgettable for that to happen.
Overall it's very bland.
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Awesome movie
Spikesgrl8111 September 2015
I absolutely loved this movie. I think Dean Ambrose did an awesome job, especially for it being his first film. I really was not happy to see the rating drop throughout the day. People need to realize that Dean had never acted before this and you can't just start out great. That being said, I think he did a excellent job for his first film. I even liked this movie more that the first two. This one was even different in the way the plot was. It had a very big Die Hard vibe to it. I think we all know how great the Die Hard movies were. I really am hoping they make another movie that coincides with this one. :) Sometimes it just take a certain actor to make the fans wants more and I think Dean Ambrose is that actor.
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Had potential.
neilspector3 April 2020
It was an interesting concept. But there were so many technical errors. I just could not take it seriously. First, evidently every homicide detective is a network engineer. Second the metroplolitain police department use cheap 20 dollar baeofeng UV5R radios. Next when counting his rounds why did he not include the chambered round. Third, the protagonist has several opportunities to pick up extra ammunition and firearms. Definitely a B movie.
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Not a B movie,but and F
Eddie_weinbauer22 September 2015
This movie is suppose to be a die hard type of action movie. But in reality it's so bad , you start wonder if it's crowdfunded. The good guy,can't aim or shot worth a crap. He got 100 opportunities to shot the bad guy but he always misses or something stops him from shooting. Lest not forget that he can't speak in full sentences. When ever he has a chance of clearing his name,just speak half sentences or is so vague that everyone think his guilty. Neither of the cast can act worth a damn.And the fight sequences are just horribly choreographed.The acting is worse than on many of those erotic thrillers,that surfaced in the wake of Basic instinct I wonder how many of the regular B-movie stars turned this down,before they reached the bottom of he barrel . This script is so bad I bet dolph lundgren,Van Damme,And steven segal wouldn't even touch it with a 10ft pole And they usually own the direct to DVD marked
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Great Movie for fans not only of Lockdown movies but Dean Ambrose fans as well.
daisyescape11 September 2015
Great movie. Lots of action. Good Cop vs Bad Cop scenario. Kept you on the edge of your seat during the whole movie. Cheering for Shaw(Ambrose).
Even though this movie is a drama Ambrose puts his own touch of comedy into it making it his own.
Only drawback of the movie was that a great deal of it was filmed in the dark making it harder for you to tell everything that was going on at all times.
Would recommend this to friends and family. If you want to see a good movie with a good storyline in my opinion this is it.
If you follow Dean Ambrose on WWE don't miss this movie. He did a wonderful acting job for his first movie ever making me hope he will be in many movies to come.
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Trash !
vincentgauguin13 September 2015
one word 'Trash'
Ex Partner goes rogue and becomes a drug dealer (An African American !! yeah you guessed it right), (talk of being racist) ! screws is own Liam Neeson looking partner (A White Guy, therefore a Good Guy !! How skewed)
They made it look like Die Hard and Nakatomi Plaza and all, failed miserably,
This black guy (Roger cross) has an Army of white partners in crime, the entire police HQ in fact, including the Boss (Yeah ! you guessed it right another Black Lady) get after our cannot act for nuts! Shaw ! Who is running around with a Gun with 12 rounds, refusing to pick up any automatics that comes his way. Oh ! forgot to mention, he also uses a taser though
Name of the movie should've really been 12 Rounds and a Taser 3
Save yourself some trouble, don't waste your time ! Like i did, to bring you this heads up !!
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Typical generic action film
Floated218 October 2021
Nothing special about this WWE film. With no expectations it was as expected. A short runtime action film with typical action that doesn't expand and brings things we would expect. Lead actor was decent but nothing stood out. 12 Rounds only in name as his film doesn't exactly relate to the original with John Cena.
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Network experti
imdb-69-78720118 August 2021
Yeah, sure. Field cops have network expertise. And giant text messages like UPLOAD CANCELLED do not appear in a command line window.
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Armature and weak script.
hasnraz26 March 2021
Apart from obvious disaster movie like script...useless. Looks like they were aiming for a Oscar for most stupid acting and movie script. Watched it till half way and that too by forwarding it. What a waste of time.
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Not worth the time
bebbisen3 January 2020
I thought I was in for a good action movie, but boy was I dissapointed. It started out fine, Ambrose is not a very good actor. Its your typical bad cop good cop movie. But it turns out to be predictable and boring.
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Definitely very good but does lack things12 rounds 3 lockdown movie download in hindi 480p
nims-197514 December 2019
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown is a very good film. The action scenes were great but the film should have been a bit more tense. The villain in this film was a very dangerous and corrupt cop using other cops to back him and he was evil but they should have made the criminal to be malicious. The film also has some excellent acting by Dean Ambrose, Roger Cross, Daniel Gudmore, Lochlyn Munro, Ty Olsson, Rebecca Marshall, Sarah Smyth, Toby Levins and Matthew Harrison. The fight scenes were pretty good but they should have trained Dean Ambrose to be strong so his character John Shaw could have been more powerful in the fight scenes. His personality as a cop should have been more hard and powerful. John Shaw didn't come across as being hard, powerful or firm cop. He also didn't seem furious or aggressive enough in his reaction to the villain Burke. As I stated before the action scenes in this film were great but could have been better. The things I've mentioned that this film lacked in are things that stopped the film from being an in between very good and excellent film like 12 Rounds 2 which was much better than this film. For his first film Dean Ambrose did very well in this film, his acting was excellent and I preferred his acting to the acting of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Batista. I also enjoyed watching this film and found it enjoyable to watch.
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Not Watchable
torstensonjohn31 January 2019
I gave this a 3 out of 10 simply because I like Dean Ambrose. The screenplay was ok by it self, the acting and fight sequences were garbage. The plot was to simplistic and had no believability. dean Ambrose is indeed an up and comer in the WWE but should stick to the squared circle.
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Great bit of entertainment
wigzynz-9184924 December 2018
I know it isn't original but it is still a good watch if you can ignore the plot holes. The biggest of which is ballistics. All the bodies are full of the bad guys bullets. A bit hard explaining that away. Ambrose did an excellent job on his first time out as an actor (not including WWE) & I can't wait to see him in a Marine movie (it's gonna happen surely). If you want a mindless escape I recommend this movie.
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Better then expected
kirbylee70-599-52617920 March 2016
It seems that World Wrestling Entertainment is determined to get into all forms of entertainment, not just sports entertainment. Not only have wrestlers had their own comic books but a number have been placed in starring film vehicles. Some were good, some okay and some terrible. Fortunately the third of the 12 ROUNDS films isn't too bad.
Wrestler Dean Ambrose stars as John Shaw, a tough as nails cop recently returned to duty after being shot on the job. Few fellow officers want to work with Shaw as the incident that led to his being wounded also resulted in the death of his partner and Shaw needing psychiatric counseling. Needless to say his first day back on the job won't be easy.
It becomes worse when evidence reaches Shaw that his ex-partner and the star officer in the station, Tyler Burke, is actually a corrupt cop who makes more from his illegal activities than he does as an officer. Burke is the head of a task force assigned to take down crooks but instead the elite team makes up his band of bandits. Drug deals and more do little more than line the pockets of Burke and his crew.
Word gets to Burke that the evidence is in the station house and he heads back to get it from the evidence lockup only to find that Shaw has it already. Staging an emergency, Burke empties the station house with the exception of his team and Shaw, cutting off all phones and cell phones as well. Armed with his handgun, a small amount of ammunition and his cunning, Shaw must battle his way through the team and find a way to get the information to the right authorities if he is to survive.
The movie borrows heavily from the DIE HARD films in set up and execution but not to the point of being a copy. It also doesn't borrow the screenwriter as this film tends to offer some truly bad dialogue that the actors on hand deal with but can't make better. It's shot well and directed well for the low budget style of film it is and in the end doesn't disappoint on most counts.
Ambrose is a rising star right now in the wrestling world but the odds of his turning that into a movie star aren't likely with this film. I'll give him credit for at least making the attempt but this feels like what it is, the first film for someone stepping into an arena he isn't familiar with yet. That being said the end results aren't that bad for a first time out. Given time, more roles and a little instruction and Ambrose has the potential many sports figures turned actors don't display.
The standout here though is Roger Cross as Burke. My first exposure to Cross was on the TV series 24 where he played Curtis Manning. Even given some terrible dialogue in spots here he makes it fit. He pulls off what could have been a more cartoon-like role and makes it somewhat believable. This is an actor worth looking for in the future.
The end result of this film is that it offers some entertainment value for action fans and a definite dose of Ambrose for wrestling fans. It's not a bad movie at all but it's not blockbuster status either. It makes for a fun rental night but only fans will want to add it to their collections.
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Perfect for all WWE fans and Dean Ambrose fans!
itsactuallyamanda10 October 2015
I was first unsure about the '12 Rounds' series being I never seen any movies before. I am a fan of Dean Ambrose who plays Officer Shaw because I am a WWE fan as well. I was surprised of how good of a actor Ambrose was (not gonna say why) and I think he should be in other WWE films in the future. I did think the movie was a little on the short side but it was a movie to enjoy. Stephen Reynolds did a fantastic job directing this film and all the cast did a amazing job as well! I did wonder if they will make a 12 Rounds 4 anytime soon but hey, will it be better than 12 Rounds 3? anyway, I loved this movie because of all the action and adventure that is in it and I give it 9 out of 10 because I think it was very enjoyable to watch as a WWE fan! nice job acting Dean! :)
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seanrapley-9642724 November 2018
A fun but average movie. Nothing stands out but it is a good time.
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